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Making Your Commercial Building Mold-Proof

Published by Allegra on August 31, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

Do you know what’s worse than getting mold in your home? Noticing911-Restoration dominic-spoh Mahoning Valleysigns of a mold infestation in your commercial building. This is because mold infestation in commercial buildings causes various problems other than just ruining the surface where it grows.

If there is mold growing inside your commercial building, then you not only have to deal with costly mold removal but several other problems as well. First of all, a mold infestation can damage your property, equipment, machinery, documents, and other valuable items. Besides this, it can put your employee’s health at risk and cause mild to severe symptoms like breathing issues, cough, sneezing, eye irritation, skin reactions, etc.

Overall, mold infestation greatly affects your business operations, and you may need to put everything on hold until the mold is removed safely.

In this blog, we will be taking a look at all the possible ways one can mold-proof their commercial building:

No Leaks Means No Mold 

The first precautionary step you can take to mold-proof your commercial building is to prevent water leaks. Get a plumber and thoroughly inspect all areas for any leaky roofs or broken pipes.

Once you stop water leakages at the source, then chances of mold growing in your building are drastically reduced. This also helps prevent risks of water damage accidents in the future and saves you tons of repair money.

Get a Dehumidifier 

Mold is more likely to grow in areas with high moisture in the air. Hence, it is highly critical to maintain the humidity levels in the atmosphere and keep them lower than 50% at all times. Your best bet is to get a commercial dehumidifier to easily control and regulate moisture levels in the air and prevent mold formation.

Ventilation is Key

Another great way to control the moisture levels in the air is to have a proper ventilation system in the building. A simple way to do this is to keep all air vents squeaky clean at all times.

You can also keep the windows open from time to time and let in fresh air to prevent your surroundings from getting damp. This works great in the golden hour as sunlight helps absorb more moisture from the atmosphere.

Treating Water Damage Promptly

If there has been an unfortunate water damage incident or a recent water flooding in your commercial building, you should get it treated immediately. Water standing for too long inside your building can easily damage your furniture, wooden floorings, and wall dividers and make them more susceptible to mold growth.

Use Mold Resistant Products in Construction 

One of the most effective ways to prevent mold growth in your commercial buildings is by using mold-resistant products during the construction process. You need to be preprepared for all problems and control them at the roots to prevent them from ever happening.

To prevent mold growth in commercial buildings, you can use mold-resistant products like fiberglass between the walls. You can also use fungus-proof paint on the walls to prevent mold growth on the surface. Other than this, you can use mold-resistant insulation and sealant to prevent moisture retention between the walls.

In addition to this, another effective way to control mold while construction is by inserting a sturdy moisture barrier beneath concrete slabs and floorings to prevent mold growth underneath it.

Apart from this, you can also insulate water pipes to avoid water leakage and cracks formation. This helps keep moisture within the pipes and helps prevent mold formation between plumbing lines.

Crystalline Waterproofing 

Crystalline waterproofing is a specialized method used for waterproofing floor surfaces and external walls. This makes the floor and wall surface waterproof and breathable, preventing moisture from seeping under the surface and creating a breeding ground for molds.

Wall and Floor Insulation

A smart way to prevent mold growth is by installing wall and flooring insulators. You can simply do this using plastic sheets, layering them between the carpet and floor to prevent moisture from accumulating underneath.

This also prepares you to deal with any future water damage accidents or water flooding.

Rain Precautions

To protect your construction materials from drowning in the rain during the rainy season, you should have a waterproof tarp system to protect the whole area. You can also use plastic sheets for this purpose.

You can also mount a rubber water barrier system under the roof to prevent rain from seeping inside the building during the rainy season. This also helps prevent the roof shingles from getting rain-damaged. In addition, ensure all gutters are installed in a way that drains the rainwater at a distance, away from the house.

Call 911 Restoration of Mahoning Valley for Consultation!

To save yourself from the hassle and all the trouble of dealing with a mold infestation, get in touch with a professional mold removal company to inspect your building and make it mold-proof.

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy company for this job, then 911 Restoration of Mahoning Valley is ideal for you. They are experienced professionals in the field with a highly skilled and trained staff that can fix all your mold-related problems. Contact them here and get your commercial building inspected right away.

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