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The Magical Cleaning Power of Lemons and Tips for Sanitizing the Bathroom

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Did you know that lemons are used for a wide variety of cleaning jobs? In fact, lemons are highly effective for cleaning stains on fabrics, deodorizing surfaces and for disinfecting. This is why they are ideal for sanitization and cleaning bathrooms. 

Lemons are also some of the best drain cleaners. Lemons produce a clean liquid that can dissolve sediment. Furthermore, lemon juice is great for washing dishes. 

Lemon Juice for Cleaning the Bathroom

The bathroom is usually the place in every home that needs the most scrubbing and disinfecting. Enter the lemon. Lemon juice is the ideal solution to clean your bathroom surfaces for maximum disinfection. 

Cleaning the bathroom is necessary for proper sanitation. Cleaning the toilet, scrubbing the tiles and ridding the tub of dirt, hair and other scum are all thankless tasks, but can be done rather easily with lemon juice. However, for stubborn stains and more you might have to go with chemical cleaners. 

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

As the saying goes, starting is the hardest part.911-Restoration plumber-renovating-bathroom Mahoning Valley You don’t have to begin big. Start with an easy task, like removing bathroom items that will be in the way when cleaning. This includes clearing items off the sink, from the floor and out of the shower and/or bath. Put all your bath towels in a hamper to be washed. 

Remaining relatively easy, your next step should be dusting and sweeping. Don’t forget the cobwebs in the corners. Moving on, for the next step let quality cleaning products do most of the work. This entails spraying down the tiles and the bathtub, as well as the toilet, with all-purpose cleaners that will remove buildup, scum and stains. Typically, they need time to settle and do their work, so you can use this time to tackle another area of cleaning, which should be mopping the bathroom floor. You might be surprised, or disgusted, by what collects on your bathroom floor every day. 

By the time you finish mopping, the toilet and tub will be ready to be lightly scrubbed. Remember, the cleaner you use should do most of the dirty work. Your job is to wipe away the residue.  And if you have any clogged drains, take care of them immediately. If not, you might have to call a plumber. 


Now you can put those bathroom items you removed back in place, but give them a quick wipe down as well. Speaking of wipe downs, did you clean the glass on the shower door? If not, get to it. And while you have the glass cleaner in hand, get the bathroom mirror too. 

Benefits of a Clean Bathroom


  • Germs love bathrooms, but if the bathroom is clean, it will reduce the spread of germs that can make you sick. Keep in mind that microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and pathogens can live on bathroom surfaces for a week or more.
  • Cleaning the bathroom makes the bathroom more aromatic, and everyone appreciates that.
  • Cleaning the bathroom can prevent mold.
  • A clean bathroom looks nice, and won’t embarrass you if guests come over.
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