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Mold Removal in Campbell

Being a property owner in Campbell is both rewarding and full of responsibility. One911-restoration disaster-restoration-fire-cleanup Mahoning Valley of the most common responsibilities to deal with are the different types of property damage that occur. Arguably, mold is the most frustrating to deal with for owners. This is because mold grows slowly over time. It can take months for a person to notice there’s a problem during which the mold continues to eat away at the organic materials on the property and cause health issues in otherwise healthy people. That’s why our IICRC certified technicians are ready 24/7/365 to help you with your mold remediation. Whether you live in Campbell, Hubbard, or any other city in the Mahoning Valley region you can count on us to arrive ready to begin working on your mold removal within 45 minutes of receiving your call.

The best way to stay on top of things is to know the signs of a mold infestation. Once you know the signs, protecting yourself against mold is a breeze. Some common signs of mold include:

  • Rotting wood
  • Crumbled drywall
  • Visible mold
  • Breathing problems
  • Headaches
  • Persistent cough
  • Stale odor

It’s important to remember that mold removal can’t be done with normal cleaning methods and cleaners. In fact, those methods only make the problem worse than when you first started. That’s because mold spores are easily agitated, and when this occurs they can go airborne. Once airborne, they can colonize new areas of the property. Ultimately, the only viable solution is a professional mold remediation done by IICRC certified technicians.

If you observe or suspect mold on the property, call 911 Restoration immediately. Our technicians are standing by to assist Campbell residents with their mold remediation needs. Don’t wait to get the Fresh Start you deserve.

Mold Remediation Professionals

Being your mold remediation professionals means we know what it takes to not only remove the mold but do it in a way that leaves your property restored to good as new. At 911 Restoration, our IICRC certified technicians have developed their mold remediation process to nothing less than complete perfection thanks to the years of experience and ongoing training they have. Everything from mold decontamination to mold cleanup is done with the expertise you need to move forward.

The first thing we do is perform a visual mold inspection. We do an inspection before unpacking our equipment so we can determine how far the mold has spread, if the mold is toxic, what containment measures are needed, and necessary repairs. After we have our answers, we can execute our action plan. The next step is containment. We need to stop the mold from spreading and we accomplish this by using the latest containment measures, which includes vapor barriers. 

After containment is complete, we proceed to our mold decontamination step. Our objective is to kill the mold spores. We accomplish this with industrial strength cleaners and detergents. After this step is completed, we are ready for the actual mold removal. During this time, we also address any water damage restoration needs to make sure the mold can’t make a return appearance.

Call 911 Restoration as soon as you suspect mold. We’ll arrive in 45 minutes for our Campbell customers to work on your mold cleanup. Call now to get the Fresh Start that has you breathing easier.

Black Mold

Black mold usually appears because of extreme conditions that are911-restoration-van-disaster-relief Mahoning Valleyactually quite common. It’s not a surprise that mold thrives in environments that are dark and damp such as a basement or attic. However, the mold becomes black mold when left in that environment too long. Also,  if the water causing the mold growth is contaminated with dirt, debris, or even raw waste then black mold can grow quickly.

Black mold eats away the property but it also causes severe health problems in normally healthy people. These conditions include organ shutdown, and in some cases, death. We take you health seriously, which is why we offer mold testing services when toxic mold is suspected. With toxic mold, we perform a two-phase mold decontamination process. One round is done before the mold removal, and the second round occurs after mold removal is complete. 

Call 911 Restoration promptly if you suspect black mold. Everything from mold decontamination to mold cleanup is taken care of by our technicians. Don’t wait to get the Fresh Start you need.

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